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7/4/2023, 6:40:37 PM
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21 ans


Coucou tout le monde. I'm Ambre.
I'm a student who has just arrived in Paris to enjoy vacations, I love to travel and I'm completely independent.
I'm learning to speak French yet (pardon) so at this moment know how to speak English to be able to arrange a meeting with me is necessary, 'cause I love to talk (and have a good laugh!), I love talking about music, cinema, arts! Maybe I'm even a little geeky.
I'm affectionate, gentle and sensitive, I like to feel involved and involve who is with me. Some would call me spoiled because I love feeling appreciated by my date, but for me it's like fuel, it makes me feel provocative and full of energy.
I'm latina with an exotic origin, all smelling with a natural body, my body's small and big at the same time, saggy breasts and big butt, plump and hot lips with a striking look. I have some tattoos and piercings on my body too.
I like it when my partner is decisive and knows what want, just as I love to say what I want. I'm warm and I want it to be a fun experience for both of us and for it be possible, I don't offer service with a time that is less than 30 minutes and I kindly ask you not to try to diminish my , I think this type of gesture doesn't generate a good start, if this doesn't suit what you want, please don't try and don't insist on something like this, remember that I'm on vacations and would appreciate it if we didn't waste our time.
I'm a caring person so if I can't answer you right away it's because I'm busy but be sure that if we meet you'll have all my attention.